Through my research, I have witnessed the failure of too many well-intentioned change initiatives.  Not due to resource constraints. Nor lack of leadership support. Nor neglecting employee buy-in. The business press is similarly replete with stories of change gone awry.  Studies of change also suggest that only a limited few succeed.

When I got the opportunity to study one of those limited few, I jumped at it. I wanted to find out how they created a new way of operating that delivered innovative results.  I got that and more. They helped me discover the power of discovery.

That’s the origin of this book. I wrote this book because the power of discovery – so central to creating change that involves rethinking and reimagining practices and expectations – is undervalued and undeveloped.  

Over the past five years, I have been committed to excavating the skills and behaviors that comprise a conscious leadership practice of discovery. I have collected dozens of amazing stories about people who have created change that inspired viable new possibilities for a better future. You will hear about many in the book. 

You can pre-order the book now and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.