The Untapped Power of Discovery


The Untapped Power of Discovery illuminates a practice that deserves explicit attention in a world of uncertainty and surprise: Making discovery happen. A vital and ongoing process, discovery generates the insight and aha’s that fuel the creation of desired, new futures.

The Untapped Power of Discovery lays out a three-pronged process of inquiry that empowers individuals, groups, organizations, and communities with a proven toolkit to navigate uncertain futures with success.

Based on extensive research and vivid stories, this book equips leaders with actionable strategies to champion discovery for change in work and life. No matter your level in your organization—you can learn how to leverage opportunities once unseen, open the door to temporary not knowing, and launch new solutions that reimagine unsettled situations. You and your organization reap remarkable benefits from catalyzing discovery.

The Untapped Power of Discovery is a unique guide that helps you learn the overlooked practice of discovery. It invites you, as a leader, to imagine people in all organizations as able to generate aha’s and insights that lead to new perspectives and innovative results—often against unbelievable odds, for yourself and others. It invites you to shed top-down interventions and directives for a more nuanced and expansive approach to change: one that engages people rather than controls them; one that explores what is not known, rather than adheres to what is already known; and one that delivers a dynamic organization that thrives in today’s flood of unexpected developments.

With this toolkit to guide your practice, you will learn how to make the discovery of insight and aha’s more dependable and systematic. You will propel yourself and organization away from know-it-all ways of operating. And you will move toward emerging ones that will enable you to master nebulous new realities for a better future.

What is your discovery readiness?

Learn about your own capacity to discover.