Karen Golden-Biddle

Strategist for Cultural Transformation

Get to Know Karen

Karen teaching graduate students.

Here's what Karen's MBA students at Boston University Questrom School of Business have to say:

"Amazing professor! There are not many professors that could make an 8am Monday class fun and engaging but Professor Golden-Biddle did just that! I learned a lot in this class…. I would highly recommend to others!"

"Karen was such a fantastic professor. She chose really solid articles that we continuously came back to throughout different cases and scenarios.  I thought this was really effective because it allowed us to absorb those concepts while practicing applying them to different contexts…as a future HR professional, this class will really be a help to me throughout my career. Thank you!"

"Professor Golden-Biddle cares deeply about the subject matter and her students. Of all of the classes I took this semester, the readings for this class (both cases and academic) were the most relevant and useful to understanding the subject matter. The discussions were very helpful to learning the concepts and actionable steps most helpful to creating organizational change."